Benefits of exercising outdoors

It’s that time of year when we start to have a spring in our step and look forward to summer and if we’re lucky, holidays!  It’s also that that time of year when we cringe at the very thought of stripping down to shorts or even worse swim suits. We start looking for an exercise routine and maybe head outdoors for a quick jog around the block.

It’s definitely the right time to get moving and get in to shape and what better way than to do it outdoors! Here are my top 10 motivators for exercising outdoors:

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Why a Fitness Holiday?

Well the simple answer is why not a fitness holiday?

We all work hard to earn our pennies so want to make sure we spend them wisely and we certainly want to make sure our hard earned rest times are enjoyable.  I guess whether you take a traditional holiday totally relaxing, doing very little, eating great food and enjoying beautiful surroundings, or take a fitness holiday enjoying some physical activity, getting in to fantastic shape and learning how to stay that way, while also enjoying great food and beautiful surroundings, really is a personal choice.  It depends on your priorities and what you want out of your holiday. Continue reading

Diet Change in Small Steps!

Unfortunately I’m one of those all or nothing people, constantly expecting alot of myself and feeling disappointed when things don’t immediately come together.  Although to be honest, I’m getting much better at that and have definitely learned to to slow down (a bit) and to take one thing at a time.  I’m kind of a work in progress!

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Quick Exercise Blast aka The Finisher

The finisher is a quick exercise blast which is a cool way to add extra intensity to your workout in a really short space of time.  Literally meant to finish you off!

If you imagine your body is a furnace and after a workout it’s continuing to burn a shed load of calories.  Well, adding a quick exercise blast or ‘finisher’ to the end of the workout is like pouring petrol in to that furnace, increasing the calorie burn! Continue reading